Success at Dog Fest!

For a first-time vendor at Dog Fest (which has been right in my neighborhood for years but I've just never gotten off my ass to get the work together to participate) I feel like I did pretty well.  I learned a lot, talking to other vendors and taking notes of what questions potential customers had.  What about multiple pets in one portrait?  What about long-hair dogs (most of my examples so far are short hair)  What about sealing the wood to protect it from dust and warping?  Would I consider doing human family portraits (no)?  Do I have a laser? ???  Though the 3D printer/laser idea was interesting, I think it takes the human element out of it, which extinguishes the folky charm of these pieces.  Well, it's a folky technique that's now translated into intelligent, sophisticated design that people really seemed to like today.  I know what my next steps will be, aside from sitting here at nearly midnight after an intense day figuring out this website business.  Instagram.  Facebook.  Email the entire contact list (41 people took the time to write down their email for me!) in... a day?  Two days?  It's like calling back a potential date: don't want to seem overly desperate or foaming at the mouth for business, but also don't want to lag and lose interest.  Oh, and inexpensive cards for next time.  Oh, and how the hell am I supposed to figure out what's worth my time?  If today's efforts only turn into a handful of projects, what then?  I have no idea.  Maybe a magic artist mentor will appear out of my burn pen like a genie and tell me the secret answer.