One week later: Out of the red and feelin the burn!

Sure, I couldn't see my counter space (which is supposed to be a kitchen table/bar) for most of the week, but wow!  What a week!  My third sale went through yesterday, which officially put me out of the red.  Everything I've spent so far has been paid for, and there are more orders coming in to make nothing but profit.  I'm happy to say that my plan worked (which was simply for this to be a small side business and to get back the money I put into it).  I'm proud that my prices are fair and accessible to most people- living in a town that is so opposite of that.  A few consider my prices frighteningly low- almost slave labor.  I don't see it that way.  Is this fine art?  Is this design?  I don't rightly know.  I know that making large paintings of dogs with big price tags on them never earned me a penny, never inspired a commission- they hang quietly in a doggy spa in the Marina (moved from the Castro).  People like them, from a distance.  But there's something friendlier about these little wood panels.  They're light.  They're monochrome.  They're personal.  I wish I'd found wood burning sooner, though my world hasn't been very calm til recently.  It wouldn't have been the right time anyways: settling in the Bay, heartbreak, chaos, career, roommates, dog, marriage, baby, presenting my teaching practices to the National Board.  It's funny, because I am super busy right now.  Between teaching some of the toughest kids in this crazy city every day, paying out the nose for daycare, maintaining a marriage, keeping everyone clean, fed, and warm, now burning wood panels at night- my days don't leave much time for putting my feet up.  I couldn't do it without my partner, my dude- the calm one.  He's Mr. Mom.  Give this guy an ironing board so he can make some grilled cheese- I love him, and I love him even more for making this little burst of creativity possible.  Maybe it'll turn out to be more than just a little!