First Delivery

My friend, I'll call her Natalie, convinced me to offer free delivery for people who live in SF.  I was happy to offer it at DogFest- a little nod to the neighbors.  Besides, SF is only 7 miles by 7 miles- how bad could it be to drop off an order?  I think it added another friendly layer to my booth, too, though some people said later that it was too nice/impractical.  Maybe so.  But last Sunday I delivered my first custom piece- Max- to a buyer in Bernal Heights.  It's a neighborhood my family and I hardly ever go to, and I'm sorry we don't, because we had an awesome evening.  I was sighing and acting a bit grumpy on our 15 minute drive down there.  We arrived at the buyer's house, and it was a surprise gift.  I rang the bell, and the buyer opened the door, huge grin on his face.  His partner was right behind him, a bit confused as to what was going on.  After a brief greeting, I happily handed over the wrapped-up "Max" and couldn't help but ask to stay and watch the opening of the gift.  The buyer's partner was thrilled.  Apparently Max is 22 years old and this was a very meaningful and heart-felt gift.  I felt so immediately glad that I delivered the piece myself.  I got to be part of this very sweet moment between two people who love each other- and it was so powerful it made me want to do it again and again!  After shaking hands all around, I left their porch with a big smile on my face.  We went out for dinner to celebrate at a very cool spot called Emma's Spaghetti Shack- a hole in the wall family spot with meatballs and Sangria.  Perfect night.