New inquiries, new answers

Here's something new: I got a request for names to be inscribed on the panel of my last project- it's not really my style, but the two dogs were a sweet gift for a 70th birthday of a parent.  I couldn't say no!  But honestly I kinda felt like it, and the inscription was painful.  A little mistake in some fur can be easily disguised, but a little mistake on some cursive looks like crap.  I might as well light the thing on fire.  So for future orders I'm going to add a $5 fee per letter of the dog's name- I honestly think they look just as cute without the name, but if it's really needed, well, the buyer's going to pay for it.  

Another unforeseen question that came up was altering the picture after it was sealed.  Not the buyers fault at all- I just need to do a better job of sending peeks at the work via email before delivering- once that thing is sealed, it's sealed for life.  I felt terrible. Luckily the buyer left me a message later letting me know she really likes it and just had to look at it awhile to see why I made the lighting the way I did.  This is more of a photographic issue: there needs to be a requirement for angle of camera when sending pictures, background details (or rather the necessity for there to be a lack of background details), etc.  This will be hard, since someone's absolute favorite photo of their dog might not work for the wood-burning, and that was sort of the point.  On reflections of the work, though, the best ones really have been close-ups of the face, or a minimalist head-to-tail with very little in the background.  I need to experiment with two dogs in one panel, but it does pose a lot of problems compositionally.  Maybe to the point where it has to be a professional photo for me to work with it!  Now we're getting crazy.