On the road again

Just finished my 21st piece, and on to 22nd and 23rd after a flight to Denver.  Family trips are great: plenty of time together, and plenty of downtime to get more panels done.  These on-the-road projects are specifically for clients living in the regions I'm traveling to (talk about full service!)... just kidding, it was a total coincidence.  "Panda," an adorable Bull Dog with a bow tie, happens to be a gift given by another old school friend whose family is still near mine.  "Pepper" was finally delivered to her loving owner who I grew up with- a surprise Father's Day gift from his wife.  And two more on the way!  Camo and Bella will be burned and sealed in the Denver area and delivered to my cousin Jenny in Colorado Springs.  Can't wait to unveil those two.  Camo is a blonde Labradoodle and Bella is a black Portuguese Water Dog, the cutest, curliest fur balls you ever saw!