Bodega Jackpot

Monterey Pine

You want to know what's so great about working with wood?  People get rid of it pretty often.  Friends in Bodega, CA, invite my family up for a visit a couple times a year, and they just happened to have taken out a sizable Monterey Pine last fall.  They had over 5 cords of pine- enough to burn in their 2 wood-burning stoves for the rest of their lives.  AND since they love working on their house themselves, they happen to have a table saw set up in the garage at all times- a veritable miracle!  Charles had these slabs sawed up in minutes.  We barely put a dent in their wood pile, which they would have appreciated, but oh man was I happy today.  Maybe I'll just drive back up there and saw up some more!  Don't mind me, just gettin' excited about a wood pile!  Darling, hand me my power-sander, will you, please?