Black Dog Production

Oh dear.  I think I just made my new favorite design and it took FOREVER.  Bella, a black Portuguese Water Dog, was finished and sealed on the road in Denver, Colorado.  When I say "on the road," I really mean a long, long, never-ending road of tiny curly burn marks mixed with blood, sweat, and tears.  But what a panel.  AND I got to meet her in person in Colorado Springs.  She's pretty freakin' cute- a bit overweight and the shaggiest/curliest little lady you ever saw.  Burning black, curly fur texture onto birch takes twice as long, at least, as other fur textures and shades, but the result is stunning.  The contrast, the off-set positioning of the dog, the direct look through shaggy bangs: perfect.  I know I need to charge more for these, in time.  At this point, after 24 pieces (at least), I feel like I could take it as far as I want and ask for more from clients.  Being a full-time teacher with a toddler and a dog of my own, I doubt I will do much more than what's trickling in every month.  But it is tempting.  The development and evolution of it is peeking through the dog door of my imaginary studio :)