Crazy 2018

What?! We moved! My family picked up and joined the mass exodus out of the big city. Fact is, the owner of our flat, a dear friend who gave us an incredible deal on rent while he’s been traipsing about the Earth with his lovely Danish wife, is heading back to SF sometime in the near future and will be needing a place to live. We didn’t like the idea of being pushed out of our nest, so we flew out on our own, migrating down the coast to Pacific Grove, next door to Monterey. I’d always dreamed of taking a little break from teaching, as much as I love it, to spend more time being involved in Jack’s (my son) education and putting both feet in the family. Yet one of my toes keeps creeping over towards this custom pet art thing… it’s complicated. We sort of planned on moving here and sort of didn’t, since my husband applied for teaching jobs all over the Central Coast, as far south as San Luis Obispo. Monterey answered first, and here we are. This community is reeking with love for nature conservation and an equal if not greater love for their pets. A realtor friend recently told me that an elderly woman resident just passed away and left most of her $7 million property value to the local SPCA. I guess her human children were jerks and the dogs/cats deserved it more. That’s some true love. I’m also learning about the slow pace here and the interesting mix of new young families coming in and the elderly ones welcoming us. It’s a bit like Mayberry in the Andy Griffith show. Or so I thought until I started watching Big Little Lies on HBO and now I’m terrified of PTA mom-murderers!! It’s just a show, Kim, it’s just a show.