DogFest 2018, Cha-cha-cha chia Pet


DogFest 2018 was an awesome event for McKinley Elementary School in SF, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars for the school. Wonderful! Our city kids deserve the best and the PTA at McKinley delivers. I must say, though, that the last two years of participating was not so productive for me as I tried to get my little side business off the ground. No regrets- I loved supporting the school and the festival was literally down the street from where I lived in the city. That first year in 2016 was phenomenal- it was a beautiful sunny day and I made enough sales to actually make a decent profit, which was super-exciting for me. The last two years, I loved it, but had literally zero sales. It was fun to watch the dog shows and mingle with neighbors, and knowing it was all going to a really great cause- our children- made it all worth while. It just wasn’t the right avenue, though, and I’ve got to give myself a break as I’m still learning how this all works. Quite frankly I also felt I had to choose this convenient way of getting myself out there- with a full-time teaching job, a four-year-old, a husband and a dog of our own, I just didn’t have the stamina or funds at the end of the day for much more than this. DogFest, it’s been real, but 2018 will be my last year.


My next adventures will be exploring the online avenues of selling custom art, via Etsy for now, as well as spending real time at local art festivals and farmer’s markets down here in Monterey County. It’s a beautiful place! I may get into other subject matter as well. Aside from those ideas, I also just need to sit down (like I finally am right now) and make a damn flyer with tear-off contact info for those lovely dinosaur folks who love their pets but not the iPhone or computer screen so much. As you may have noticed, all this online stuff is a bit painful for me, too- it doesn’t come naturally! I’d much rather be outside with my dog, or working on an art project. So my heart goes out to those who aren’t into all this internet mumbo jumbo. Never fear, the flyers will be here.


My last memory of DogFest: our amazing SF Cheer Team. They will be missed! This was my view from my little booth.