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Artist: Kim Kasner

(415) 271-5784

Note:  These pieces are done on raw birch wood panels, pine, or basswood slices with bark.  Wood was once alive, and is porous, meaning that it will change over time and can absorb moisture from its environment.  I use 400 grit sandpaper to smooth surfaces before burning any design into it, which helps prevent dust from clinging to it.  If you are concerned about the longevity of the piece or its resilience to dust, I can apply water-based Polycrylic Protective Finish or Danish Oil to seal it for an additional $10, regardless of size or which sealant you prefer.  Please be aware that Danish Oil does change the color of the wood from a pale color to a light honey color, as well as giving it a very slight sheen.  Polycrylic is close to invisible.  See examples below for reference.

Unsealed Birch Panel

Polycrylic-sealed Birch Panel